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A walk in the woods, swimming in crystal clear water, combined with the soft smell of cedar and fresh oxygen, give the visitor a deep relaxation feeling that becomes unforgettable.


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Cretan Souvenir/Goods

sarikiSariki Crete

sariki Sariki, the trademark of Crete! You want something authentic to remind you Crete, Cretans or Cretan Culture? Do you have friends outside of Crete and you want to make a gift that reminds Crete? Then you need Sariki Crete. You do not have to search a lot to find it.

You can get it easily ordering from web, or contact us by phone. In black or white color, made with love by a woman who knows very well cretan traditional knitting art ! more info...

Cretan Ointment Cretan Ointment


An aloe vera based cretan ointment, for your skin, in packs of 30 grams.Soothing, anti-aging, healing, antiseptic.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil, Aloe Essential Oil more info...

Cretan Soap Cretan Soap


An authentic traditional handmade Olive Oil based cretan soap ( pure, without additional chemicals), for your skin, in packs of 100 grams.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Cretan Olive Oil, Cretan Chamomilie Tea more info...

cretan wine Cretan Wine

Natural Cretan Wines from Siva Heraklion Crete.

img EMILIA. Natural Sweet Red Wine

Single variety wine from liatiko grapes. The sun-drying of the grapes for 6-8 days, the unique way of vinification and the selection of the barrel and the permanence of wine for 7 years in French barrels give it an impressive result. Typical aromas of raisins and vanilla followed by aromas of caramel and chocolate. Served as aperitif or at the end of a meal. It accompanies sweets with black chocolate and hazelnuts, fruit tarts, ice cream and nuts. Served at 16-18 ℃

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Cretan carob Cretan Natural Carob Honey


A Cretan Natural Carob Honey from Selli Rethymnon Crete

more info...

Cretan grape syrup Cretan Grape Syrup


Grape syrup from Evotry company, Kavousi Lasithi Crete

The company produces products with grape molasses, suitable for vegan diet, exclusively with olive oil. more info...

Cretan Bag Cretan Traditional Bag

img A Cretan Traditional Handmade Bag ( named tagari ) from Aretousa, a workshop of traditional weaving art, Arhanes Heraklion Crete. more info...

Cretan walking stick Cretan Handmade Walking stick

The Cretan wooden handmade walking stick named "katsouna" is a symbol of Cretan pride and tradition, and once it was a basic "tool" for many Cretans.

It is a good gift for you or a friend of yours, that reminds Crete and can decorate some space in a home or a business.
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cretan raki Cretan Raki

img A Cretan traditional alcohol drink, named Raki (also named Tsikoudia) from Heraklion Crete.
Raki or Tsikoudia. Traditional Cretan Drink.
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Cretan Music Organ Cretan Music Organ

img A handmade traditional Cretan Music Organ, named "Mantolino" from Heraklion Crete by a workshop of musical instruments.

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cretan sea Cretan Natural Sea Salt

img A Cretan Natural sea salt from South Crete's rocks by the sea, Kouses ( near Matala ), Heraklion Crete. more info...

honeycomb Cretan Honey

img A Natural Cretan Forest Honey from Sitia Lasithi Crete.
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cretan raki with honey Cretan Rakomelo

img Cretan traditional drink ( grape distillate ) with honey, named Rakomelo ( Raki with honey ), from Heraklion Crete.
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barley Cretan Rusk


A Cretan Rusk (handmade) from Pirgos Monofatsiou, Heraklion Crete. more info...

aloe plant Cretan Drinking Aloe

img Cretan Aloe Vera from Rethymnon Crete.
Ingredients: Aloe Gel 96%, Lemon juice 3%, Stevia, Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C ) more info...

Cretan Music Organ Cretan Music Organ

img A handmade traditional Cretan Music Organ Lyre, from Heraklion Crete by a workshop of musical instruments.

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cretan sheeps Cretan Cheese Cream

img A cheese cream made from goat's and sheep's milk from Roukani Temenous, Heraklion Crete. more info...

Cretan Avocado Shampoo Cretan Avocado Shampoo

img Cretan Shampoo with Avocado Oil for all hair types, from Rethymon Crete.

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