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A walk in the woods, swimming in crystal clear water, combined with the soft smell of cedar and fresh oxygen, give the visitor a deep relaxation feeling that becomes unforgettable.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the Chrissi Island

Is there water on the island?

On the island there is a well near the church of St. Nicholas northwest of the island. Drinking water and food is sold in the tavern of the island.

What kind of animals can someone find on the island? Are they dangerous?

Chrissi island is the natural habitat of many animals.There are two types of worms, one kind of snake (Telescopus fallax, harmless to humans), one kind of lizard and one kind of rabbit. The sea turtle caretta-caretta is frequently seen on the island but spawning has never been observed. The seal monachus monachus has been observed in the North East area of the island. That is the reason the area has been named fokiospilio ( seal's cave) .

Are there any daily scheduled departures? Are there any delays due of the weather?

Boats depart from the Ports of Ierapetra and Makrigialos on a daily basis. For your convenience, it is advisable to be at the port 25 minutes before departure to check in. Departures are postponed or delayed if high winds (6 to 7 Beaufort scale) blow in the area which is a rather unusual possibility. (Weather Forecast is available from the navigation menu. Online Weather Forecast is available from the National Observatory of Athens - Research Institute of Environment & Sustainable Development)

What is the protection status of the island? Is the free camping allowed?

The island is protected by a set of rules, from several Greek and Europian environmental organisms ( Landscape of Special Natural Beauty 1970, Archaeological Site 1976, Wildlife Refuge 1983, Special Management Zone with the European project Natura2000).

Prohibited any activity is (or could be) detrimental to the fragile natural environment of Chrissi. The free camping with a sleeping bag or tent , is not prohibited, if it is not harmful to the cedars. Prohibited the lighting of fires and the permanent establishment.

Are there any useful tips for the holiday trip to chrissi island?

It is highly recommended for you to have a high SPF (sun protection factor) sunscreen or, more preferably, a sunblock as well as a broad brimmed hat, long sleeved shirts and sunglasses. You are also advised to wear shoes or sandals, and not slippers, since you are going to cover a distance walking on the sand and on hot pebbles ( the sand because of its color, isn't hot! ). It would be a good idea to carry with you a vacuum flask or hermit crab, filled with cold water, fresh fruits and, why not, a small portion of alcohol, e.g. wine, ouzo or traditional raki for special moments of relaxation near the sea.

For the campers: You can use ready-made charcoal for use in cooking. Prefer to camp on the shore away from trees to not have problems with the authorities.

What can i do, as a holiday visitor, to help the island's fragile environment?

⇢ As you walk, keep your attention, not to press or break roots of cedars that have, over the years, come to the surface. Where available, use the wooden path.

⇢ Don't throw away your trash. Keep them in a bag and transfer them to the city.

⇢ Use natural Sunscreen.

⇢ Donate us to act further, with targeted, not prohibitive, enviromental protective moves.