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A walk in the woods, swimming in crystal clear water, combined with the soft smell of cedar and fresh oxygen, give the visitor a deep relaxation feeling that becomes unforgettable.


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Breathing in the forest

cedar forest on chrissi island The abundant oxygen of the forest combined with some breathing exercise can provide a significant benefit to the human body. Besides, it is no coincidence that many traditional fitness, relaxation and healing techniques as well as martial arts give great importance to breathing, and others rely on it, such as the famous group of ancient Indian breathing techniques, Pranayama, which leads to a general body improvement.

One of the most basic types of breathing used is slow, deep breathing. This is a breath which you can pull the air from your abdomen and try to slow your breathing in less than one to four cycles per minute. Below are some of the many benefits we have from this simple breathing, especially when done in a forest environment e.g under a cedar on the chrissi island. In all these exercises, the body must be with the spine upright, in any position that everyone prefers (squat like the Indians, knees such as the Chinese and the Japanese, sitting in a chair like the Ancient Greeks and Egyptians, etc)..


The timeless value of reading a good book during holidays

reading on chrissi island It is a fact that many people have combined the summer season and especially the holidays by reading books. From long journeys by train to sunbeds on the beach, you will find people reading while enjoying the days they are given the opportunity to escape from everyday life.

Reading is in fact a conversation both with the protagonists of each story and with the author himself. During holidays, this dialogue can go deeper into the reader's mind as he is undistracted and has the mood, and especially the time to deepen in the meaning of the words.

Reading refines the spirit, sharpening thought. In other words, the spiritual horizons are widening, the thought is energized, the imagination is excited.


Trees and their healing properties

trees chrissi island The natural world and the trees have always been fascinating and have a special meaning for man. Trees are symbols of spirituality and represent the connection between life and earth.

Trees interact with the environment, they need water, sun, air and soil to grow. But to survive they must have strong, deep roots. If not, they are vulnerable to weather, storms and winds that can eradicate them at any time.

In a similar way man must be well grounded and shielded to cope with the trials of life. So he stays stable, finds his balance and is not flattened by the difficulties and adverse conditions faces from time to time.


Walk barefoot in the sand! Does it seem simple to you? Yes, it is, but at the same time it is also miraculous.

walk on the shore, chrissi island Check out the most important reasons and you will understand why you need to get the shoes on hand and walk barefoot in the nearest beach.

  • The body is grounding something that automatically means that free electrons are transferred from the ground to neutralize the free radicals, resulting in less risk of inflammation and general damage to the body. (Grounding is best achieved in wet sand.)
  • It is beneficial to the heart, skin, muscles, tendons and bones, as long as the sand is not hot but cool or wet.


Consumer rights in taverns, restaurants, bars and other dining areas

Ask for the store's price list. They are required to have one per two tables and have it available to each customer prior to ordering. Pricelists must be mandatory in Greek and optionally in another language. A list must be posted at the entrance of the shop. Consumer Rights

The prices including VAT must always be indicated, as well as the following message: "The consumer is not obliged to pay if he does not receive the legal document (proof-invoice).

If fish, meat or vegetables are frozen, they must be listed in the list with the words 'frozen' as well as 'pre-cooked' or pre-fried for that food.


9 foods that will fortify your skin against damage from sun exposure

Especially in the golden island chrissi, where the white color of the sand reflects the sun's rays, it is a good tactic (except of hat sunglasses, sunscreen with a high degree of protection, foods against sun damagewhich we must have already provided) to strengthen the defense of the organism against the sun's rays, eating foods like the following

  • 1.Strawberries These juicy red fruits contain a combination of vitamin C and antioxidants, which have proven effective in protecting your skin from damage due to solar radiation. Strawberries help to treat your skin externally as well. If you have sunburns, sprinkle a few strawberries, spread them on burnt skin and rinse after a few minutes. Your burn will heal more quickly.

Useful advices for gasoline economy on vacation

Fuel Economy Tips on Holidays In summer, the kilometers that we drive are increasing dramatically. Whether for short excursions to nearby beaches on weekends or for longer trips, the speedometer will increase and the holiday cost will increase sharply. There are some basic tips that can reduce your fuel costs by up to 30%!

  • 1.Change oils.
    Even if the time for change has not come yet (but near) the new lubricants improve the operation of the engine, reducing friction and allow it to operate more efficiently and economically at high temperatures.

Tips for safe swimming

  • before arrival1.Do not swim too far from the coast. You must think that the return is more tedious.
  • 2.It is good to swim with friends.
  • 3.Have you eaten? Wait 2-3 hours to swim. However, avoid to enter to water completely fasting.
  • 4.Keep in mind that alcohol and swimming are a dangerous combination.


Seawater and Swimming. Great benefits for human's health !!

chrissi dive The sea swimming improves mood and promotes overall health . Hippocrates first had mentioned the word thalassotherapy to describe the healing attributes of seawater, and the ancient Greeks used to soak in baths with seawater.

Seawater contains vital elements, minerals, amino acids and living microorganisms that can produce antibiotics and antibacterial effects, contributing to the creation of a healthy immune system.

The sea salt is considered as a natural blood cleanser. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, which fights free radicals and magnesium which contribute to the action of antioxidants. Sea salt is able to detoxify your skin cells properly absorb all dirt, dust and toxic materials. As repels all the toxins from your body, sea salt makes the skin more supple and healthy. It has been observed that regular baths in sea can enhance the skin tone greatly. The magnesium in the salt can prevent fluid retention from your skin keeping it smooth, firm and youthful.

10 reasons that a few minutes exposure to the sun is beneficial to our health

  • sun1. The solar radiation to the skin activates the production of vitamin D, which enhances the absorption of calcium, which care our bones, prevents type 2 diabetes, and several types of cancer.Vitamin D also helps regulate the period of women with unsettled cycle.
  • 2. The sunny days raise levels of the hormone of joy, as called serotonin and combined with mild exercise in the sun, also are rising rates of endorphins that make us feel optimistic and wellness
  • 3. The heat of the sun is beneficial for arthritic and muscle pain, and relieve the swelling of arthritis and helps to subside the inflammation of muscle injuries.
  • 4. Lowering the levels of melatonin, sunlight enhances fertility in women and increases the levels of testosterone in men, so summer more babies captured.

Lasithi and all Crete, an excellent choice for relaxing holidays

The island of Crete is located in the center of the eastern Mediterranean at the crossroads of Africa, Asia, and Europe. It measures about 200 Km from east to west, and between 12-58 km from north to south the smallest and largest length, making it one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean sea. knosos Crete Minoan settlements (developed between 3000 and 1100 BCE), tombs and cemeteries have been found all over Crete (See Minoan archaelogical Map )


Golden European Award Given to Cretan Beaches of Ierapetra

img Ierapetra, the southernmost town in Europe, in the prefecture of Lasithi Crete, was awarded with the Golden Pan-European Prize for the high quality of its beaches by the QualityCoast programme. The criteria divided into four categories:

  • Nature
  • Environment
  • Identity
  • Socio-Economics


Photo Contest Chrissi Island 2011

The thematic tourism portal chrissi.gr organizing a photo contest. Participate by sending your photo from the island.

    Terms of participation:
  • -The contest is not allowed to join the jury members and relatives first grade .
  • -The portal Chrissi.gr takes no responsibility for copyright and licensing of photographs of participants.
  • - Each participant can send the contest 1 to 7 black and white or color photos.

About Chrissi.gr

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